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Kayak with our friends: Honey Island Swamp Kayak Tours

Meet our kayak tour friends in Louisiana that focus on kayaking in the swamps with guides. Honey Island Swamp Kayak Tours offers guided eco-adventures near New Orleans, Louisiana. These tours explore the old-growth cypress forest in the Honey Island Swamp, located in Pearl River. The tours are suitable for all ages and skill levels, and…

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January 11, 2024

Discover Austin’s Architectural Beauty with Our Sunrise Kayak Tour

Unveiling Austin’s Rich Architectural History Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the heart of Texas with our Sunrise Architectural History Kayak Tour on the iconic Lady Bird Lake in Austin. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Austin’s architectural evolution as the morning sun bathes the city in a warm glow. Experience the Magic of…

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November 21, 2023

Five Fun Things to do in Austin

1. Walk The Texas Capitol Grounds The Texas Capitol Grounds is a landmark over 130 years old. It is here that the diversity of culture in Texas really shines. Tourists can visit it on their own and view the information boards located all around the area. Another alternative is a guided tour where visitors can learn about the history of the Capitol grounds. Another reason to go is the architecture. The Renaissance Revival Architecture designed by Elijah E. Myers is a beautiful sight to see in person. 2. Check Out the Paramount Theatre The Paramount Theatre was established all the way back in 1915. Ever since the theatre has been a historic landmark in Austin, Texas. Few locations contain such a wide array of entertainment. The Paramount Theatre has everything from movie premiers, to the screening of classics, and even…

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June 20, 2022

Kemah Kayak on Clear Lake, Texas

Kemah Kayak & Paddle Board Rental New for 2022 is our sister company Kemah Kayak – Rentals and Tours! Rent a paddle board or kayak at our Seabrook, Texas launch location.  Newly opened next to the Houston Pedal Barge Party Boat. Paddle along the Kemah boardwalk or up into the bayou.

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April 26, 2022

What You Get When You See the Bats!

Ever wanted to see the largest urban bat colony? Didn’t know it existed in Austin? Well now you do, and here is why you should actually check it out! 1. It’s a show like no other! The sight of nearly two million bats taking off is absolutely breathtaking. They form unique columns in the sky appearing to be black waves flowing back and forth. To top it off they traditionally take off around sunset and the sky adds to the majesty of it. The bats always take off to the east and the sunset is in the west and provides an elegant backdrop to their take off. 2. Perfect for animal lovers! There are a lot of misconceptions about bats and modern media doesn’t really do anything to assist their images. If you come check them out you’ll quickly realize…

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April 3, 2022

Start Kayaking in Spring!

We’re finally leaving February in the past and it’s looking like we’ll escape without a major freeze or snow storm. With March around the corner we can look forward to a new year filled with new goals and hobbies. Kayaking might be a good fit for those knew goals because it is an active sport and gets you out into the great outdoors. 1)  Kayaking Can Help With Fitness Goals Many of us start the new year with different fitness goals, but oftentimes we fall off for different reasons. For many it’s due to the repetitive nature of their exercise that they give up. For others it’s the simple fact that exercising isn’t exciting to them. Kayaking provides a good solution to both of these problems because you can go to any body of water for any amount of time…

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February 16, 2022

Indoor Austin Activities

When in Austin there are many things to enjoy when it’s warm outside, but what about when it’s cold? Have no fear if the weather doesn’t work out for you then there are plenty of fun, indoor activities in the city. Some of which may even come as a surprise to you. 1.K1 Speed Located in North Austin this track is an entirely indoor go karting experience. You can go up to 45 mph and you can also check out the historic collection of racing memorabilia. The beauty of this track is it’s open 365 days a year so you can always get out on the track. Additionally, for those who are concerned about carbon emissions the karts are completely green and electric. 2. iFly Austin There are multiple iFly locations across the country, but if you are looking for…

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January 17, 2022

Kayaking and Your New Year’s Goals

If you’re looking for a legitimate goal for the upcoming new year maybe kayaking and paddleboarding could be the solution. The activity is great for both fitness and discovering the outdoors. If you have goals revolving around either fitness or nature maybe a year long membership would be perfect for you. 1. It meets fitness goals With a membership you’ll be able to access equipment for eight hours a day and go as far and as hard you want. Additionally, paddleboards can be used for a variety of workouts including paddleboard yoga. There are a number of people already enrolled with us or that actively rent with us in order to lose weight. 2.It helps you discover or rediscover the outdoors If you haven’t yet discovered your passion for the outdoors this activity is perfect for this. The water is…

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January 2, 2022

Buffalo Bayou Kayak Tours in Houston, Texas

We are opening a kayak, paddle board & ebike tours / rental in Houston, Texas. Come adventure with us at Buffalo Bayou Kayak Tours 

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November 17, 2021

Fun Austin Halloween Activities

If you’re new to Austin, or looking for new spooky experiences then this is the list for you. We’re only about a week from Halloween and the creepy Halloween events are ramping up in Austin. So without further ado let’s get started. Pumpkin Nights This is a fun, family friendly event that is similar to the trail of lights in Austin come Christmas time. Now unfortunately even though this event is listed as a pumpkin event there is no actual pumpkin patch. There is however a number of boutiques, pumpkin carvings, a haunted bus, and a large trail filled with different halloween themed lights. Dreamland Pumpkin Patch Located in Dripping Springs, this 64 acre amusement park offers mini-golf, good food and drinks, and other types of outdoor experiences. They’re also hosting a major pumpkin patch during the month of October….

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October 25, 2021

Drinking Venues in Austin

We’ve never really made this list and it’s a common question, but what bars are best in the Austin area? From iconic Rainey Street to the lesser known Domain in Austin there are plenty of venues to check out around Austin. We’d thought we’d make your drinking easier and list out some of the places and their benefits: 1. The Jackalope Located on what locals call Dirty Sixth this bar is going to be part of any memorable, or forgotten, night. This bar features dancing platforms on the bars to show off your best moves. More importantly however, this bar has a recreation of an oversized Jackalope for your basic social media needs and memorable photo opportunities. 2.Rain on 4th This bar is my personal favorite. From the iconic dance floor that is always packed to the ample outdoor space…

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September 18, 2021

2021 Remaining Austin Music Festivals

Austin is full of music festivals and before the year is out the city has several great opportunities left. We have all genres of music for every kind of music fan. If you’re interested here are some good upcoming options: 1. Austin City Limits Music Festival This music festival is an Austin staple and one that you absolutely need to experience. This is the first year back post quarantine and the line up looks amazing! The event is going to be over the course of two weekends in early October. One of my favorite things to do for this event is to actually take a paddleboard or kayak and listen from the water for free. 2. iHeartCountry Music Festival This is a fun event that is relatively affordable in terms of other music festivals. The event this year is at…

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August 1, 2021