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Outdoor Rainy Eating in Austin

Well the rain is still coming down pretty hard!. There is nothing I remember more foundly as I grew up than hanging out in my family’s garage and eating lunch as the rain came down. So we figured why not make some restaurant recommendations that have great covered outdoor dining: 1. Guero’s Tacos There is an amazing restaurant with great outdoors sitting right on the South Congress strip. The food is fairly decent, but the drinks are even better. Another bonus to the outdoor seating is that it’s first come first served! Meaning the ability to skip long waits is available as long as you are quick to the table. 2. Hold Out Brewery You might be thinking, “Brewery, don’t they just serve drinks?” Well that’s not the case for most places in Austin. They usually actually have fantastic food…

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July 4, 2021

Activities to do in the Rain in Austin

There is so much to do in Austin when the sun is out, but how about when it rains? Recently Austin has seen an exceptional amount of rain and tourists have been wondering what they can do with the time they have. So here is a list of activities that you can do when the weather doesn’t cooperate: Go see a movie There are new movies constantly coming out in Austin whether it be small indie films or large scale blockbusters you can find things to watch. Austin is home to two different theater scenes and experiences worth checking out in the city! If you’ve ever heard of the Alamo Drafthouse it originated here in Austin, but the original is unfortunately gone. They have everything from new releases to fun interactive experiences for you to check out. There is also…

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June 5, 2021

Great Team Building on Kayaks

Kayaking although not thought of as a team event actually makes for a great team building activity. When you head out onto the water on a tandem kayak the biggest downfall I see as a guide is a lack of communication and coordination between the team members. If you were thinking of planning a team building event around kayaking here is why I think it would be a good idea: 1. It bonds you to your team members: If you have team members that don’t get along with one another maybe don’t shove them onto a kayak with one another. However, if you wanted to have a bond formed between two people that don’t really know one another then kayaking is perfect. You have the chance and ability to just be on the water with one other person and just…

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May 17, 2021

Awesome Austin Museums

Have you ever wanted to see a side of Austin you’ve never experienced? Maybe learn a bit about Austin that you didn’t know existed? Well I’ve got the perfect list for you! I think checking out the Austin museum scene is the way to both of these things. 1.Bob Bullock Museum If you’re coming from out of state or didn’t go through the Texas’ school system this is my top museum. Texas has a long, complicated history behind it from the settlement by Spanish Conquistadors to the election of LBJ as president. This museum has all the details about Texas history and can really help fill in any blanks you might have. 2.Umlauf Sculpture Garden This museum was donated in 1985 and has stood as an Austin staple ever since. It has literally hundreds of sculptures mostly by one artist…

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May 3, 2021

Why You Should See the Cidercade

There is a restaurant, arcade, and bar new to the city of Austin that I’m absolutely in love with! It’s the only restaurant on Lady Bird Lake that has a patio space and its bar menu is all brewed in house. They also sell by the can or in six packs if you want to take something to go at an affordable rate! Here are some reasons I love the Cidercade: Dozens of Arcade games The Cidercade has all of your classic favorites from your childhood ranging from Pac-Man to Air Hockey. It also receives newer arcade games and is expecting more as Covid restrictions loosen. My personal favorites are some of the pinball machines because they provide endless hours of entertainment as you chase the highest score. Great Food Something you’ll notice as soon as you walk onto the…

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April 16, 2021

Breakfast Places in Austin

They say Austin is the city of the breakfast taco, but honestly I don’t think that’s the case. If I was to think of all my favorite local breakfast spots in the city most of them don’t specialize in breakfast tacos. While on this train of thought I decided to make a list of my favorite local breakfast spots: 1. Kerbey Lane This restaurant is the Austin equivalent to IHOP, but I think they use better quality ingredients and have a more unique staff. For example, my favorite waiter at my location of choice always wears a rainbow unitard with a top hat. On top of the unique wait staff the restaurants are all dog friendly and before the pandemic they would even give your pets treats. All of this is just part of the charm that makes Kerbey Lane…

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March 2, 2021

Keep Your Resolution Through Kayaking

There are a great many people who are trying to keep their New Year’s Resolution of keeping fit. I am personally going out on the water more and I thought why not share what makes kayaking the perfect activity to help keep you healthy. 1. Great for your cardiovascular health! If you enjoy running, or cycling then kayaking is the exercise for you. The exercise is repetitive and keeps your blood pumping.Which is not only great for your heart, but also helps build up your stamina. 2. Low Impact Activity As previously mentioned kayaking is similar to running in that it is great for your heart health. However, unlike running, kayaking is a low impact sport and doesn’t leave a lasting impact on your joints. It instead builds up your back and core strength as you paddle along. 3. It’s…

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January 15, 2021

Last Minute Christmas Ideas

There are many great local spots to get a last minute surprise gift for loved ones before Christmas. Some are local shops and others are amazingly fun experiences. I’m hoping you’ll be able to find some ideas with this short list. 1. Austin Paddle Shack This fun little paddleboard and kayak rental location is located…

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December 15, 2020

Great Burger Spots in Austin

There are many burgers in Austin to try and despite the city being a “taco” city I would disagree and say there is a much stronger presence of American food, specifically burgers. In my time in Austin I have found several great hamburger spots that I want to share with you in no specific order: 1. Hopdoddy Burger Bar Located all around the Austin area including a convenient location on South Congress this company has amazing burgers! Although be mindful of their fries because several people could easily share an order and still not finish them. An additional criticism is their burgers offer a lot of bun and breadiness which is not to everyone’s enjoyment. However their burgers are satisfying and offer a variety of different options including my personal favorite the Llano Poblano. They also offer a spicy burger,…

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November 16, 2020

Austin Holiday Traditions in 2020

 With the spooky season ending and the start of the holidays rushing in, many are wondering, “What festivities are there to do in Austin during the times of Covid-19? Luckily for us holiday fanatics there are several events still staying open or modifying with the new normal. Some of which are Austin staples and others are new ideas only made possible by the spread of the virus. 1. Austin’s Trail of Lights The Trail of Lights in Austin is a staple to the holiday season filled with hot cocoa, carnival rides, and twirling beneath the massive wire light tree. Unfortunately, due to Covid there won’t be the possibility for massive crowds walking through a giant Christmas display. Instead holiday wanderers are going to have to drive through the Zilker Park area in their cars to view the beautiful displays. When…

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November 1, 2020

Dog Friendly Activities In Austin

     We all love many things about coming to and living in Austin. To me though possibly the biggest thing that I enjoy about Austin is the positive attitude towards pets, especially dogs. Most people don’t know this when they get here, but Austin is the number one dog friendly city in America. As…

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September 13, 2020

Lake Travis Activities

There are so many great things to do on all the bodies of water around the city of Austin. Today though I thought I would focus on a larger body of water that often goes under appreciated for all it has to offer. Lake Travis has dozens of iconic parks, activities, and restaurants located around it that truly makes it special: 1. Hippie Hollow Park This little iconic park just happens to be the only clothing optional beach within Travis County. It’s lovingly named after the children of the summer of love or hippies that founded the park. The park does allow people to enjoy great swimming in a beautiful natural area. However, do be aware that I would not recommend taking children to the park if you want to protect them from nudity. 2. Pace Bend Park Home to…

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August 16, 2020