Kayak and Paddleboard Tours and Rentals in Austin, Texas

Popular Tours

Congress Ave. Bat Bridge Tour

Starting at $55 | 2 Hours

Come check out the World’s Largest Urban Bat Colony emerge from under the Congress Avenue Bridge!  This colony made up of 1.5 million Mexican free tailed bats is an amazing sight to see and hear. Join us as we paddle and observe one of nature’s wonders and learn about how these nocturnal creatures help create a better ecosystem for all of us.

Austin Serenity Tour

Starting at $55 | 1.5 – 2 Hours

Join us on a guided eco-tour of the beautiful Lady Bird Lake. The lake is home to some of the best views of Austin beauty and wildlife. This is our most peaceful tour we offer in Austin. Here your guide will navigate you through this beautiful area of amazing animals and wildlife of Austin. Enormous snapper turtles and plentiful birds will be on this tour.

Other Activities

Kayak & SUP Rentals

Starting at $15 | Rentals Available by the Hour or by the Day

Kayak Tours

Starting at $55 | Tour San Marcos River, Lady Bird Lake, and more

Paddleboard Tours

Starting at $45 | Learn how to Paddleboard, do yoga, and more

Full Moon Paddle Tours

Starting at $55 | Witness the Rose Moon on Lady Bird Lake

About Us

If you have not been kayaking in Austin, Texas, then you are missing out on some beautiful crystal blue spring water and the largest bat colony in the USA.  We also offer you Paddle boarding in Austin with Rentals and Tours too.  Take this opportunity to join us, as we tour the natural beauty of Lady Bird Lake / Town Lake in Texas by kayak.  You will be guided in a sit-on-top kayak for approximately 2 hours to one of our hand picked Austin Texas tour locations on Lady Bird Lake or the San Marcos river. We hope you join us for an enjoyable active day of feeling good on the water!

Recent Blog Posts

Thinking About Getting Your First Kayak?

Thinking of getting your own kayak, but not sure where to start?   The best kayaks for beginners are stable, forgiving, and rugged enough to handle the learning curve. They should be less streamlined than an expert vessel, and they should have reinforced hulls which can handle being knocked about. Overall, stability and durability are two features that…

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Take our Serenity tour and learn more about Lady Bird lake!

Lady Bird lake has some amazing history, which we will love to share with you on our tour.  Here is a little sample of the amazing culture this lake has to offer! By the 1970, Town Lake and its shoreline had become neglected, polluted and overgrown with weeds.  The lake was referred  as an “eyesore.” During his two…

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Check out Austin skyscrapers on our Skyline Tour!

We will be offer a wonderful tour on Lady Bird Lake talking about the architect, landmarks and maybe you will see some of these buildings! Tallest buildings: This list ranks Austin’s delivered (completed and occupied) skyscrapers that stand at least 200 feet (61 m) tall, based on standard height measurement. This includes spires and…

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