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Kayaking and Your New Year’s Goals

If you’re looking for a legitimate goal for the upcoming new year maybe kayaking and paddleboarding could be the solution. The activity is great for both fitness and discovering the outdoors. If you have goals revolving around either fitness or nature maybe a year long membership would be perfect for you.

1. It meets fitness goals

With a membership you’ll be able to access equipment for eight hours a day and go as far and as hard you want. Additionally, paddleboards can be used for a variety of workouts including paddleboard yoga. There are a number of people already enrolled with us or that actively rent with us in order to lose weight.

2.It helps you discover or rediscover the outdoors

If you haven’t yet discovered your passion for the outdoors this activity is perfect for this. The water is a safe and comfortable place to see the outdoors especially for those of phobias involving the woods and wilderness. The water is safe from most land-based predators and it is much harder to get lost on the water than it is in the woods. Additionally, the water is typically several degrees colder than it is on the water.

3. It provides a good bonding experience

If you want to get your loved ones involved in your goals, kayaking is perfect for it. You and your loved ones can ride in a kayak together and bond for hours on the water. Additionally, nothing beats going out with those close to you on a water based picnic or an 8 hour expedition. 

Hopefully a membership to kayaking and paddleboarding services will help you in any of your New Year’s Eve resolutions. If you have any further questions about how it works feel free to give us a call and ask.

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