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What You Get When You See the Bats!

Ever wanted to see the largest urban bat colony? Didn’t know it existed in Austin? Well now you do, and here is why you should actually check it out!

1. It’s a show like no other!

The sight of nearly two million bats taking off is absolutely breathtaking. They form unique columns in the sky appearing to be black waves flowing back and forth. To top it off they traditionally take off around sunset and the sky adds to the majesty of it. The bats always take off to the east and the sunset is in the west and provides an elegant backdrop to their take off.

2. Perfect for animal lovers!

There are a lot of misconceptions about bats and modern media doesn’t really do anything to assist their images. If you come check them out you’ll quickly realize several things. Firstly, bats aren’t people or blood hungry. They’re scared of you, you’re a big unknown factor to them that could be a threat to survival. Secondly, they actually have great eyesight and are sensitive to light. If you take photos with your flash on you’ll notice they change their flight path or crash. That’s because their eyes are incredibly delicate and accurate. Lastly, they’re super cute and fluffy. Normally, the bats stay high above the water and ground, but on occasion they do have mid-air collisions and come spiraling down. If they do keep a safe 4-5 foot distance from them, you’ll come to love their cute fluffy bodies and faces.

3. Get the perfect photo for your social media!

Want the perfect shot for your Instagram or Facebook? You can’t do any better than our bat colony! If you’re out on a kayak tour you can show off your adventurous side on your dating apps. Brag to your friends about what a cool time you had on the water, or simply just show off what a good time you had with friends or family!

I can’t think of one good reason as to why not check out the coolest bat colony on the planet! The bats are eager to see you and so are we!

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