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Drinking Venues in Austin

We’ve never really made this list and it’s a common question, but what bars are best in the Austin area? From iconic Rainey Street to the lesser known Domain in Austin there are plenty of venues to check out around Austin. We’d thought we’d make your drinking easier and list out some of the places and their benefits:

1. The Jackalope

Located on what locals call Dirty Sixth this bar is going to be part of any memorable, or forgotten, night. This bar features dancing platforms on the bars to show off your best moves. More importantly however, this bar has a recreation of an oversized Jackalope for your basic social media needs and memorable photo opportunities.

2.Rain on 4th

This bar is my personal favorite. From the iconic dance floor that is always packed to the ample outdoor space there is a bit of something for everybody. My personal saying for this bar is you’ll always leave with a new friend or a new story. The bar is LGBTQIA+ friendly and features my favorite Austin show, “Drag Survivor.” It’s essentially RuPaul’s Drag Race on a smaller stage, but a lot of up and coming queens get their start with it. Better yet, since it’s not on national television there are no rules as to what can and cannot occur on the stage.

3. The Container Bar

By far the most visually appealing of all the locations the Container Bar features a very unique layout. It’s essentially dozens of shipping containers that have been modified into the ultimate party space. You are more than welcome to explore each container while you’re there and discover their unique personalities. Be warned though out of all the recommendations this bar has the most expensive drinks.

4. The Wonder Bar

Located in The Domain this adorable bar is always changing with new art pieces and jokes to keep the environment fresh and appealing. The bar is definitely the most photographable on the interior and makes for an exciting visit. There is also a gorgeous patio area for you to mix and mingle with your friends. I’m hesitant to go too far into this venue because there are so many hidden surprises.

Hopefully this list gives you a bit of an insight into Austin drinking culture. At the end of the day no matter where you end up as long as you and whoever you are with enjoy yourself that’s all that matters.

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