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Archive: Feb 2017

Hot Spots in Austin, Texas: San Gabriel River

San Gabriel Water Trail

San Gabriel River, Texas The San Gabriel River flows through central Texas all the way to California. Its formed by the confluence of the North Fork San Gabriel and the South Fork San Gabriel in Georgetown, Texas. Before several impoundments were put into place, the San Gabriel river was prone to short but quick flooding….

Hot Spots in Austin, Texas: Lake Travis

Texas: Lake Travis Lake Travis is a hot spot to visit northwest of Austin, Texas. Lake Travis is a reservoir that was built on the Colorado River in 1942 to contain floodwaters. After a bad flood in 1938, Texas officials saw the construction of Lake Travis as necessary. It stretches a vast 65 miles across…

Really nice place to visit!

Austin Texas Capital

They offer a free, 30-minute guided tour containing a mix of national, state and local history and they include tons of fun facts and jokes. You are able to hang around, take photos and explore at any time. They are open weekdays from 8am to 5pm and weekends from 9am to 5pm. Tour are 30-45 minute of the building every 15 minutes.  Monday…