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Archive: Jul 2020

Walking Through a Pandemic

There are several things that can occur to make your time during quarantine a little more enjoyable. One such activity is going to one of Austin’s many hiking or biking trails and enjoying the nature. A benefit of both living and visiting the city is the blend between an amazing cityscape and nature filled splendor….

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July 19, 2020

How to Get a Drink In a Pandemic

One of the main attractions to the city of Austin is our 6th street and Rainey street areas and their bar/club settings. However, in the middle of a pandemic how are you supposed to go out for a drink? Well I have come up with a few options that either have loopholes or are great alternative options when in need of a drink. 1. Coffee Houses and Beer Gardens      Many coffee houses within the city of Austin do not just limit their menus to coffee alone. Some like Radio City Coffee (in North Austin) and Cosmic Coffee (in South Austin) offer a full bar with liquor and beer options. What I like about both spots is that they abide by all CDC guidelines and provide plenty of outdoor seating. Also, of importance is there are several food trucks…

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July 8, 2020