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Hot Spots in Austin, Texas: San Gabriel River

San Gabriel Water Trail

San Gabriel River, Texas

The San Gabriel River flows through central Texas all the way to California. Its formed by the confluence

of the North Fork San Gabriel and the South Fork San Gabriel in Georgetown, Texas. Before several

impoundments were put into place, the San Gabriel river was prone to short but quick flooding. Part of

the river is characterized by limestone river bottoms, moderate rapids, small canyons, and muddy

bottoms while other parts have rare deep, clay soils that support dryland farms. No matter what part of

the river you visit, the San Gabriel River is a prime location for many recreational activities in Texas.

Like many other rivers, the San Gabriel River is a great spot for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. There

are several parks located along the San Gabriel River where you can stop with your family for a picnic,

fish off of a dock, or even put your boat in. If you don’t have a boat, or want a more structured excursion

down the San Gabriel River, there are plenty of rental places located along the river. If you visit the San

Gabriel River for fishing, you may catch any number of fish including catfish, largemouth bass, sunfish,

carp, longnose gar, and various bait fish.

Along with recreational water activities, there are several locations that you must visit when traveling by

or near the San Gabriel River. For starters, he Blue Hole is located right outside of Georgetown. It is a

gorgeous natural swimming hole surrounded by bluffs and mini-rapids. It is a great family destination

because there are beautiful hiking trails surrounding the park and a nice place to have picnics. Another

notable stop is the Apache Pass Amphitheater and Festival Grounds. It is a park of sorts with a stage that

just out over the river and is used for concerts and other similar events.

Whether you visit the San Gabriel River for recreational water activities, a wonderful location to stop

and have a picnic, or just for some peace and quiet, you will find it all along this river.