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Hot Spots in Austin, Texas: Lake Travis

Texas: Lake Travis

Lake Travis is a hot spot to visit northwest of Austin, Texas. Lake Travis is a reservoir that was built on

the Colorado River in 1942 to contain floodwaters. After a bad flood in 1938, Texas officials saw the

construction of Lake Travis as necessary. It stretches a vast 65 miles across the top of Travis County. It

has several uses including that of flood control, water supply, electrical power generation, and, most

importantly, recreational purposes.

Lake Travis

Lake Travis is a gorgeous spot. It’s an easy going area with plenty of things to do. Water sports are very

popular on Lake Travis. There are dozens of rentals businesses nearby where you can rent paddleboards, kayaks, boats, jet skis, and anything you need to have a good time on the water.

You can fish from the shore or on a boat in the middle of the lake. There are a variety of fish found in the

water, so you will always be surprised by your new catch! Another popular activity on Lake Travis is

waterboarding. Some people are afraid of waterboarding, but it really is a fun sport. With lots of

practice, and maybe some classes offered in the area, you will be jumping and flipping across the water

in no time. Parasailing is also popular and can provide quite a thrill to the participant. Parasailing allows

you to fly high above the water while attached to a boat. Again, with some practice, this activity can

provide a magnificent time for your whole family.

If you aren’t into spending time on the lake, there dozens of parks located along the shores of the lake

that offer areas for sun bathing, hiking, and picnicking. Some offer extra activities like horseback riding,

piers, and campgrounds. There is even a few water parks littered along the perimeter of Lake Travis for

fun in the water without having to rent a boat or other equipment.

Lake Travis offers a wide variety of activities for the whole family in scenic location. Everyone can find

something to do here. It is the perfect location to spend the whole day having fun outdoors.