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Watch out for that tree!

Watch out for that tree

I enjoy an adventure and excitement when I go out on the water.  Fun and excitement can sometimes be hard to explain without a little danger.  There is a fine line between adventure and disaster.  Lone Star Kayak Tour guide are trained to see disaster before it happens.

The photo on the left show a log or large branch position just under the water which extends across the waterway.  Most people just ignore it and move on.  We actually had someone people ignore what we were doing and ran right over it while we were sawing.

It took us about thirty minutes of our time to provide a safer route on a wonderful river.  If everyone could take thirty minutes out of their lives to make the world a better place, we have heaven on earth.

Please when you are on the water and see garbage, help by picking it up or some issue that is too dangerous but you can’t handle it.  Just let someone know who can.

Thank you for the support!

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