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Great Team Building on Kayaks

Kayaking although not thought of as a team event actually makes for a great team building activity. When you head out onto the water on a tandem kayak the biggest downfall I see as a guide is a lack of communication and coordination between the team members. If you were thinking of planning a team building event around kayaking here is why I think it would be a good idea:

1. It bonds you to your team members:

If you have team members that don’t get along with one another maybe don’t shove them onto a kayak with one another. However, if you wanted to have a bond formed between two people that don’t really know one another then kayaking is perfect. You have the chance and ability to just be on the water with one other person and just communicate with one another. It creates that opportunity to get to know team members you don’t get to interact with or see one another on a common basis.

2. The chance to work on your communication skills:

Your team members will be thrust into a position where they have to communicate in order to navigate the body of water they’re on. If you’re in an industry where timely and orderly communication is necessary then kayaking is perfect for that. If you delay your communication or have it disorganized on a kayak when paddling you will literally spin in circles.

3. Can encourage healthy competition among your team members:

With just about any physical activity there comes the ability to inspire healthy competition. Whether it’s to see who can reach a point first or who can go straight the longest, the opportunity for healthy competition is all over this activity. I often see groups on our lake competing to be the quickest or most accurate with their boats. It’s a fun, non-stressful way to be competitive with one another.

4. It’s a great way to relax and reward a team:

Sometimes your team just deserves a good break and a chance to relax. Kayaking is the perfect opportunity for just that kind of opportunity. The team can just drift around on their boats with their feet up knowing they have done a good job and earned this break.

Whatever your team is looking for out of kayaking the opportunity is there for it. Therefore if you’re looking for that perfect opportunity for your team please consider checking out kayaking as that activity!

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