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Walking Through a Pandemic

There are several things that can occur to make your time during quarantine a little more enjoyable. One such activity is going to one of Austin’s many hiking or biking trails and enjoying the nature. A benefit of both living and visiting the city is the blend between an amazing cityscape and nature filled splendor. To help you out with your future adventures I have come up with several of my favorite spots within Austin.

  1. Roy and Ann Butler Hike and Bike Trail

This iconic trail goes around Lady Bird Lake and has exit points at many iconic locations. From the trail you can easily access Rainey Street, the Mexican American Cultural Center, South Congress (which leads to iconic shopping centers and the state capital), and the Barton Springs area. The trail goes about ten miles and is also open to bike traffic but be warned all motorized scooters are banned from the pathway. Also heavily featured on the trail are awe inspiring views of downtown Austin and a protected natural area.

  1. 360 Overlook

This Bridge is an iconic part of Austin culture. To this day I cannot name a single Austinite that has not been to the bridge at least once during their time living here. It is a short 5 to 10-minute walk, but you can spend hours watching the Colorado River float by. I personally take three things with me when I visit the bridge: plenty of water, a picnic, and good company.

  1. Mount Bonnell

A little further down the Colorado River and closer to the downtown area is a bit of a hidden gem. Although the area is called Mount Bonnell it is more of a steep hill with less than a couple hundred stairs separating you from the top. Locals often choose to do workouts here in part for the view and in part for the countless steps to the top. If you head out to Mount Bonnell you can usually also head to the 360 Overlook afterwards if you have enough free time.

  1. Shoal Creek Trail

The Shoal Creek Trail is in west Austin and includes parts of Pease Park and follows North Lamar Boulevard all the way to about the Seider Springs Greenbelt. Like the Butler Trail this trail provides plenty of exit and entry points and can take you to many different locations. Personally, when I get done with exercising, I enjoy cheating a bit and getting good food afterwards. So, when I walk the trail you can often catch me heading to Kerbey Lane Café. It is a local chain restaurant, somewhat like an IHOP, but with a much better menu.

There is not a lot that can be done safely during this pandemic but going outdoors and on a trail is one of the safest options. A quick disclaimer though many of these trails are popular to visit and I usually go early in the morning before they get busy. Please walk and hike at your best discretion.

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