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Hiring Receptionist and Tour Guides. Outside works!

Paddle board instruction for beginners

Hiring a qualified and experienced individuals for receptions and rentals. You will also have option to work as a Guide. This job offers the opportunity for paid guide work in a warm weather climate. This can be a permanent position after summer is over. This job is ideal for an experienced, responsible and independent lead guide who loves the outdoors and providing 24/7 customer service on tours.

All the tours start and end in Austin, Texas. We provide everything needed including all kayak and equipment. Each tour is operated by one lead guide who is responsible for 2 – 12 clients per trip. The clients are typically not experienced kayakers, but are lovers of outdoor adventure travel. They are mostly adult Americans with some Europeans and some families with children. The guide will be hired as an independent contractor and will work on a trip-by-trip basis. Receptionist will be hired and paid by hour. The daily pay rate is negotiable based on experience level. Client tips can add significantly to the guide’s compensation ($30/person-day is recommended). This job opening is not an offer or guarantee of hiring.

Receptionist Responsibilities – Full and Part time available.

Great communicated on phone, email, blog, social media and text. Computer skills is a plus but we will train the right person. Knowledge of software like adobe Photoshop, AI, and Dreamweaver is a plus.

Kayak Guide Responsibilities – Full and part time available.

The lead kayak guide is solely responsible for the entire tour. This includes not only the kayaking, but also equipment maintenance, and group management. The guide will have all the necessary training, authority and support from our company to deliver successful tours and happy clients. The guide’s primary responsibility is always client safety followed by customer service. Additional specific duties are listed below.
• Tour Prep: Load vehicle with all necessary kayak and gear. Drive kayak trailer and gear to the predefined pick up location, meet and introduce arriving clients, brief clients, provide paddle and safety instruction, lead group to launch site.
• Every Day: organize and lead group on the water, provide naturalist interpretation and provide local knowledge of the area, manage group dynamic.
• Cleanup: Load vehicle with all necessary kayak and gear, wash kayaks, clean gear, repair kayaks and gear as necessary.

Necessary Qualifications
Successful applicants for this job will have the following qualifications. Some of these qualifications can be met after hiring.
• Experience as solo lead guide for paying adults on kayak tours in the backcountry.
• Personal kayaking experience.
• Valid Driver License, clean record, and capable of hauling gear and towing kayak trailer.
• Active First Aid/CPR certification. (40 Min online course, we can help you get.)

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