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5 Reasons Kayaking Makes a Good Social Distancing Activity

  • It’s outside!
    • We have all been missing the outdoors during quarantine. I know personally that the worse part of quarantine has been the hours upon hours stuck indoors. So as stay at home orders are lifted the first thing I plan to do is get outdoors. Additionally, with summer around the corner I also plan to get to the water to cool off. A perfect combination between the two desires is kayaking. With it being outdoors you will have an extremely easy time maintaining the recommended six feet of social distance.
  • It can be kept clean easily!
    • For our personal location we are stepping up our cleanliness to the next level. We are providing on site hand sanitizer for our guest’s usage. We also will have all our rental crew wear masks a group of people that are standing in the grassand limit in person interactions. To assist in limiting our person to person contact we will be putting up signs with URLs to assist with online checkouts. Lastly, we have instilled deeper cleaning measures for our life vests, paddles, and boats themselves. They involve a combination of anti-bacterial surface cleaners for the boats, detergent for the life vests, and cleansing wipes for our paddles.
  • It’s an activity filled with healthy exercise!
    • I know for me personally with the gyms being closed there has been a lack of exercise during quarantine. Part of that lack also comes with my inability to be out on the water kayaking and working my core and back muscles. I am personally excited to be back out on the water in a more regulated workout routine.
  • Affordable to do regularly!
    • Our location costs about 15 an hour during the week and 20 during the weekends. We also provide a seasonal option bats emerging from under congress ave bridge in austin txfor 300 dollars. Now if we consider that as someone going for two hours a week for say 30 weeks out of the year it comes out to be over 700 in savings. This makes kayaking an affordable option to anyone who is a casual water adventurer or unable to store their own boat.
  • It is a great new experience to try!
    • Kayaking is an easy activity to pick up and doesn’t require a deep amount of skill to do. However, it does require a bit of athleticism that comes with time. If you want to check out a new hobby or activity I cannot recommend kayaking enough. It’s something that I found a love for at 14 and why I’m writing this article now.

With so many great reasons to go kayaking why not come out and check us out? Lady Bird Lake and adventure will always be waiting for you with us. We cannot wait to hopefully see you sooner rather than later!

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