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Take our Serenity tour and learn more about Lady Bird lake!


Lady Bird lake has some amazing history, which we will love to share with you on our tour.  Here is a little sample of the amazing culture this lake has to offer!

By the 1970, Town Lake and its shoreline had become neglected, polluted and overgrown with weeds.  The lake was referred  as an “eyesore.” During his two terms in office (1971–75), the Mayor of Austin Roy Butler partnered with Claudia AltaLady BirdJohnsonTaylor; December 22, 1912 – July 11, 2007) was First Lady of the United States (1963–69), as the wife of the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson. Together they began to establish the Town Lake Beautification Committee with the purpose of transforming the Town Lake area into a usable recreation area.  A system of hike and bike trails was built along the shoreline of the lake in the 1970, establishing (what was then known as) Town Lake as a major recreational attraction for the city of Austin.

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