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Make your life more Exciting!


Sometimes we wonder why or how to put more excitement in our lives.  For whatever reason, here is a few suggestions to create or improve one’s life, making it look like you at least have some kind of life, even if it isn’t the most exciting life ever.



Always be doing something. Spending a bunch of time sitting around on your couch is the fastest way to be super boring.

Travel everywhere. Traveling is an easy way to make yourself and your life more exciting.

Be an adventurer. Do adventurous things. Go hiking. Learn to rock climb. Try scuba diving. Maybe jump out of some planes, KAYAKING, or Zip lining.

Learn new skills. You can also be a bit more boring about your being exciting, by learning cool new skills.

Consider a more exciting job. Now, this isn’t for everybody. But sometimes, large changes in our life or even small one may force us to be more exciting in our lives.

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