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Heyyyy What a Birthday!

Guest blog post by Sarah Stasica of Treat Party Boutique
I decorated (and attended) my first paddleboarding birthday party at Austin Paddle Shack and it was so much fun! I had only paddleboarded once before and I was curious about how the kids would do out there. It was a seventh birthday so most kids were only six or seven and I was surprised at how well they all did. Some of the parents were a little bit nervous (myself included) before we got on the water but once we got out there it was seriously magical. I think my friend has started a new kid birthday party trend because all of the parents were talking about how perfect everything was once we were back on shore cutting into the cake.
Paddleboarding Party Water Photo.jpg
I created the party design and package and it was a lot of fun. I used a simple vector image of a mom and daughter on a paddleboard for the invitation, birthday banner and thank you note. I also sent the birthday girl’s mom that image and she had it put on a cake from HEB! Next, we went with blues and purple for the party decorations and tableware because the birthday girl loves those colors and they work well with a water themed party.
Paddleboard party thank you pin.jpg
The Austin Paddle Shack is a totally outdoor venue so we decided to just set up an outdoor table with some decorations and it looked so fun! We put on a thick white disposable tablecloth that feels almost like fabric to hide the folding table. Next we hung a tissue tassel garland on the front of the table and put a small balloon garland on the top. It was so festive and I love that it was next to water and trees. Our party kits come with a clear plastic treat container and a clear scoop, so we put goldfish into it to go with the water theme. It was really cute. The plates, cups, napkins and cutlery were in colors that matched the balloon garland and tissue tassel garland so it looked really nice.
Paddleboarding Party Setup copy.jpg
If you are interested in hosting a paddleboarding party, we can do any colors or themes for your party. You can have the party kit shipped to you (or waiting at Austin Paddle Shack) if you want to set it up yourself or we can deliver and set it up at Austin Paddle Shack so you can just show up, paddle board and eat cake. For more details on custom party kits go to
Austin Paddle Shack parties are great for birthday parties, bachelorette or bachelor weekends and class reunions! Treat Party Boutique can make it super easy for you to have all the party supplies you need, and they will be ready and waiting for when you and your guests arrive.
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